Resetting gRPC connection backoff

Every 10 seconds I see the following in my logs:

15:48:49.384 D  WorkflowServiceStubsImpl:182 --- Resetting gRPC connection backoff

What is the importance of this event?

Should I configure my client to reset the connection less often? If so, how?

Or is there some other action I should take to make my client more production ready?

By default gRPC connection backoff goes up to 2 minutes. This means that if the server goes down for some time and then back up it will take 2 minutes for the client to realize that it’s up again and make a connection attempt. We consider this to be a bad user experience and try to reduce this window to 10 seconds instead by resetting gRPC connection backoff. Note that when application runs normally (e.g. no outage) this reset operation should have no impact on anything and it only matters when client is trying to reconnect to the server. Once (if) is resolved we should have a more clear way to configure connection backoff intervals and expose it as a property to our users.
For now I suggest you ignore these messages.