Resource timeout in Workflows but successful in Apps & Query Library

Hi all,

I recently deployed Temporal/Workflows alongside Retool using this CF template

and have noticed an odd issue with Workflows. I have a Redshift resource that test connection succeeds, is integrated into multiple apps that are working perfectly, I’m able to run successful queries against it in the query library BUT when I create a resource block in workflows and run a super simple query like

SELECT * FROM auth.users LIMIT 10;

against the same Redshift resource, the block times out and gives the error “Connection terminated due to connection timeout”.

I went to the cloudwatch logs to see if I could find anything relevant and I was only able to find this:

"stack": "Error: Connection terminated due to connection timeout
"message": "[postgres] Error in fetching client from pool"

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

The fix for this was as simple as allowing the Temporal security group as an inbound rule to our Redshift resource security group rules…