Restarting a workflow

Can a workflow be restarted from a certain step based on a external request or signal?

Can you please clarify your question/use case?

I’m hesitant between the following interpretations:

  1. Your workflow code is handling a multi-step process, which generally only goes forward. However, you sometime want to jump back to a previous step, for example by sending a “go back” signal.
  2. You have some Workflow Executions that are blocked in an inappropriate state, eg. due to a bug or similar, and can’t make further progress. You want to reset these Workflow Executions to a previous history state, eg. when signal X was sent to it.

Yes, Mine’s on the similar line with the 1st usecase that you have mentione.

Could you please provide the solution for that

Got it. May you give a look at Tihomir’s and Maxim’s responses on this very similar question: How to jump to previous step then run to end?