Retry Attempt Visibility

Hi, I have the following workflow retry policy config:
retryPolicy.initialInterval: 1s
retryPolicy.backoffCoefficient: 2
retryPolicy.maximumInterval: 5s
retryPolicy.maximumAttempts: 2

  1. For the 2nd attempt, is the interval from the 1st attempt 1second or 2second (initialInterval * backoffCoefficient) ?
  2. There is an activity that received error from backend. It then retried for the 2ndattempt. In Temporal Web UI, there is only 1 recorded activity attempt. Is it the 2nd (last) attempt? Where can I see the details (timestamp, response) of both attempts?

Each workflow retry is a new workflow execution. Can you give use case of retrying workflow? Would retrying activity not be possible for some reason?