Retry is not working for activity in child workflow

In Cadence, I am using the activity inside Async.func. In an activity, i am throwing exception when i am not getting the desired result so that it should retry. Inside the workflow, I have defined my activity as

private final Activity1 activity1 = Workflow.newActivityStub(Activity1.class, new ActivityOptions.Builder()
                    new RetryOptions.Builder()

And my activity code is :

    public Boolean methodB(Config  config){
            return clientA.method(config);
        }catch(Exception e){
            log.error("Failed with exception!");
            throw e;

Inside the workflow, i am calling this activity method in Async like:

List<Promise<Boolean>> promises = new ArrayList<>();
for (Config config : Configs) {
                        Promise<Boolean> promise = Async.function(
                                () -> activity1.methodB(config)
Workflow.await(() ->;

In cadence web, it is showing in pending state,

But retry is not working. I am not getting why this is happening
I also wants that if all the retry attempt failed then it should return false.