Returning workflow with Signal waiting

I’ve a workflow that uses signal. When a client starts the workflow, it expects a result to be returned. The content of the results + more info added is used to send a signal back to the same workflow which then starts a childworkflow;

How do I return to the client the results of the highlighted activity i.e break out of the workflow?

Code below;

func workflow()(*somethingBackToClient, err) {

    // activity A

    // activity B

    // activity C

    // activity D <--- client is waiting on the result
    var something * somethingBackToClient
    workflow.ExecuteActivity().Get(ctx, & something)

    s: = workflow.NewSelector(ctx)
    codeSubmittedSignalName: = workflow.GetSignalChannel(ctx, CodeSubmittedSignalName)
    s.AddReceive(codeSubmittedSignalName, func(c workflow.ReceiveChannel, more bool) {})
    timerFuture: = workflow.NewTimer(childCtx, waitForCodeTimeout)
    s.AddFuture(timerFuture, func(f workflow.Future) {})

    if codeSubmittedSignalName.ReceiveAsync(&payload) {
        // start child workflow with payload
    } else {
        // we never for a signal
        // start revert activity C
        cancelHandler() // cancel workflow

    return &something

Look at this answer that describes how to implement synchronous update to a workflow.