Run workflow with multiple input in JSON format

Hi, my workflow should take in two string parameters, but when I separate the --input field by space, it only takes in the first arg

source --namespace growth-maestro workflow run --tl ServerlessTaskQueue --wt ServerlessWorkflowMethods -et 10 -i '"firstString" "secondString"'

Running execution:
  Workflow Id : 159be652-2c70-4b32-b662-8f8c544b8f1d  
  Run Id      : 1935a5a7-84d6-4c15-81cb-27b47fcbf7f2  
  Type        : ServerlessWorkflowMethods             
  Namespace   : growth-maestro                        
  Task Queue  : ServerlessTaskQueue                   
  Args        : {"firstString"}  
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I think Ruslan will be able to answer your question best. I’ve tagged him here.

This looks like a bug so far. Testing with various options

Confirming this is a bug, filed with some details .
The expected behavior is that the --input param containing multiple space delimited jsons should be processed successfully

The updates will follow in the github ticket. Closing the current support ticket