ScheduleSpec and IETF iCalendar Recurrence Rule

The Temporal Schedule implementation is awesome! We’ve been looking at how to create and manage ScheduleSpec instances, and bumped into the IETF iCalendar RFC, and, in particular, the “Recurrence Rule” (RRULE) standard. There are, for example, packages out there that accept natural language expressions like “every other Tuesday at 4pm” and produce RRULEs. There are other packages that provide in-depth handling of RRULEs themselves.

It seems to me that adding the ability to render a ScheduleSpec as an RRULE, and to create a ScheduleSpec from an RRULE might be a great addition to the Schedule implementation, given how ubiquitous iCalendar is.

Before we dive in and implement something like this ourselves, I thought I’d (1) ask for some feedback from the team and (2) see if this is something that you’ve already considered.