Seeing DataConverterException for no PayloadConverter for binary/null in Java SDK

Hi, I’m seeing DataConverterException for no PayloadConverter found for binary/null encoding type. I see BinaryNullPayloadConverter for Python SDK but not for Java SDK, and was wondering this should be implemented in Java SDK as well.

This is a part of the full error trace I was able to get:

Caused by: io.temporal.common.converter.DataConverterException: No PayloadConverter is registered for an encoding: binary/null
	at io.temporal.common.converter.PayloadAndFailureDataConverter.fromPayload(
	at io.temporal.common.converter.PayloadAndFailureDataConverter.fromPayloads(
	at io.temporal.internal.client.RootWorkflowClientInvoker.convertResultPayloads(
	at io.temporal.internal.client.RootWorkflowClientInvoker.getResult(
	at io.temporal.common.interceptors.WorkflowClientCallsInterceptorBase.getResult(
	at io.temporal.client.WorkflowStubImpl.getResult(

For reference, this question is discussed in issue: `No PayloadConverter is registered for an encoding: binary/null` · Issue #1933 · temporalio/sdk-java · GitHub