Set metadata (memo like) for activity

Hi. I want to show workflow steps to end-users.Something like activity’s name but in this case i must define new activity methods with different names (code reusability problem) for same activity. I want to add some metadata (like memo for workflow) to activities for showing them to end-users as running step of workflow . sth like setting activity’s name argument (different from activity method) also works for me. can you give me some advice about it? specially in python-sdk.

Can you store the state you need on the workflow instead of on the activities? As the workflow author you know which activities you are starting/running so you can maintain, say, a dict that is queryable on the workflow. Most users showing steps or other workflow state do it this way because it is much more flexible than a more limited approach of adding metadata to activities and then having to crawl activity information out of raw API calls.