Share three design patterns for Temporal workflow

Hey community,
I was told that sharing here will help more people.
These three patterns have been applied in my teams and are very successful.

  1. Design a workflow to be resettable safe: What is the best way to make use of the workflow reset feature in Cadence/Temporal/iWF? - Stack Overflow

  2. Simplify the way of using versioning API(this may need to change to apply for core based SDKs like PHP) What is a good way/pattern to use Temporal/Cadence versioning API - Stack Overflow

  3. Signal Queue pattern(mostly for Java, since Golang SDK is already doing it, not sure about cored based SDK) What is the best way/pattern to process a signal in Cadence/Temporal workflow - Stack Overflow

Design patterns may have lots of “opinions”, so I am always open to any suggestion.


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