Signal to scheduled workflow

Hi Everyone,
Could you please explain how signals processed by the scheduled workflows?
Am I right that the signals will not be processed, they will also be scheduled?

What do you mean by “scheduled workflows”? Are you asking about workflows that were passed a cron expression on start?

Yes, correct.

Cron workflows are always running. They just don’t have their first workflow task scheduled until the execution time. When signaled the signal is written to the workflow execution history. Then the signal will be available to the workflow to consume when execution time comes.

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the only problem is there is no way to query these cron until the execution is started. am i correct?

Yes, here is the relevant issue: Temporal sends queries to workflows which are created but not started · Issue #1310 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub

Thanks , maxim, i thought this is by design… Query methods of cron job not showing up prior to execution start

Yes, especially in Go where queries are registered once workflow started execution. But I think we should come up with a better story in this case at some point.