SignalWithStart with blocking signal during workflow completion

What happens if there is an exception sent by signal method of running workflow in signalwithstart? Let’s say the exception is sent because I’m closing the running workflow. Will the signal then proceed to start a new workflow? (edited)

Depends on the workflow execution status when your signalWithStart client code is made. If not running it would be a request to create a new execution.

If the signalWithStart request comes while your worker is processing workflow task that throws ApplicationFailure let’s say (or returns from workflow method, or calls continueasnew, basically requesting completion of this execution) this signal is buffered on service side and service would still allow it to be handled, meaning would fail the workflow task (with UnhandlerdCommand error), to deliver the signal, and then allow your workflow code to handle it and then again run the workflow task that has the exec completion code.