Slowness in creating schema using temporal-cassandra-tool


We have observed that creating schema using temporal-cassandra-tool on a cassandra cluster deployed on GKE takes as long as 2-3 hrs. Has anyone faced similar issue?
Following below to create schema :

Please help.

Can someone please answer on this.
@tihomir Please help.

Hi @poojabhutada,
I don’t think that schema creation taking 2+ hours is honestly expected unless there are maybe network delays or latencies with db itself. Is this a new/clean cassandra cluster you setting up schemas on?

You mentioned that you have a separate cassandra cluster, do you see the same type of delays when using gocql locally for example?

Have asked the server team for help, haven’t had a response yet so will keep checking and update you when something comes up, but I think that this will fall back to your court as far as trying to figure out where the delays happen, on your network/db side or the actual latencies of the cassandra tool.

It would be helpful to know if you see any db errors / logs on your side or provide any more info on maybe which part of the update script seems to be taking the most time if possible.

Hi @tihomir

We don’t face this issue locally. This is only observed when we are setting up schema on GKE cluster.

Following is a screenshot of the logs:

As you can see above, the connection validation always takes 20-30 minutes. Rest of the steps such as table or index creation doesn’t take much time. Also, while connecting to the cassandra db through ide like tableplus also doesn’t take much time.