Some documentation issues

The “Architecture” section of the documentation refers to which is currently returning a 404. Not sure what it should point to instead.

The site refers to Slack but it is not clear how one creates an account using that Slack community.

Hi John,
Thanks for letting us know about the broken link.
A fix for that is up for review in a pull request:

Are you unable to join our Slack community by going to: ?
You should be able to enter any email address you want to use. If you already have an email address you use for signing into Slack workspaces, you can use that one, or use one specific for the Temporal community - it is up to you. But AFAIK the “account creation” process happens when you create or join a workspace and you can have many workspaces under a single email.


I am having the same issue of being unable to sign into Slack:

Here is the latest invite link.

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I’m having the same issue. Is the slack invite open to the public?
“*** doesn’t have an account on this workspace.”

Did you try the link in the previous message?

" This link is no longer active"

Here is the new one. We need to automate updating the site with the new link once a month.

thank you!