SQL replication capability for temporal postgres db

Hello Team,

Just wanted to check is temporal providing SQL replication features ? suppose if there is a scenario like A workflow is running and MySQL/PostgreSQL DB of temporal went down. Can temporal service pick data from replicated DB?

Hi @Nikitapatel this is duplicate of question https://community.temporal.io/t/sql-replication-features-with-temporal/4294. Closed is, just fyi.

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sure, can we get some insights here on this ?

For MySQL/PostgreSQL, either make sure DB layer replication is strong consistent, or try not to use it. Temporal depends on DB being strong consistent. The replication strategy you chose needs to be sync. Async DB replication will cause data loss and inconsistencies.

Temporal includes the multi-cluster replication feature because it cannot always rely on DB replication for some of the supported DBs (nature of DB, not Temporal).

when we talk about “multi-cluster replication”, will it be handle this situation like if anytime temporal database went down it will automatically forward request to another cluster ?