SQL schema issue while installing Temporal v1.16.1


I am trying to setup Temporal v1.16.1 on Kubernetes cluster. I was following these steps, for setting up default and visibility schema.
The first error I got while running make temporal-sql-tool was:
# go.temporal.io/server/common/build common/build/build.go:60:32: buildInfo.GoVersion undefined (type *debug.BuildInfo has no field or method GoVersion) common/build/build.go:62:35: buildInfo.Settings undefined (type *debug.BuildInfo has no field or method Settings) note: module requires Go 1.18

It should be noted that Go 1.18 was not available on yum repos. I had to work with beta version.

Next, while running the schema update, it runs fine till v1.7 and after running v1.8, I get the following error:

2022-04-29T17:58:27.060+0530 DEBUG Schema updated from 1.6 to 1.7 {logging-call-at: updatetask.go:142}
2022-04-29T17:58:27.060+0530 DEBUG ---- Executing updates for version 1.8 ---- {logging-call-at: updatetask.go:150}
2022-04-29T17:58:27.060+0530 DEBUG DROP TABLE tiered_storage_tasks; {logging-call-at: updatetask.go:152}
2022-04-29T17:58:27.443+0530 DEBUG ALTER TABLE current_executions ALTER COLUMN create_request_id TYPE VARCHAR(255); {logging-call-at: updatetask.go:152}
2022-04-29T17:58:27.727+0530 DEBUG ALTER TABLE signals_requested_sets ALTER COLUMN signal_id TYPE VARCHAR(255); {logging-call-at: updatetask.go:152}
2022-04-29T17:58:29.036+0530 ERROR Unable to update SQL schema. {error: error executing statement:pq: could not open relation with OID 18045, logging-call-at: handler.go:78}

Please help.

module requires Go 1.18

think you can to install it manually.

are you running ./temporal-sql-tool update to update existing db or setup or both?

Yes, have done that for now.

I am running both