Start workflow at precise time

Hi, i know the existing of cron workflow but there is a way to start a workflow (only one run) at precise time (es: workflow will start the 25 march 2021 at 12:00 PM)?

Add sleep(pricizeTime - Workflow.currentTime) at the beginning of the workflow function.

But this will trigger the workflow Timeout right? If pricizeTime - Workflow.currentTime > Workflow TimeoutBeforeClose

So, don’t specify workflow timeout which is shorter than this time. The default timeout is infinite.

Yes of course it will work but isn’t the best way, i think i’ll just calculate the time difference and add to it my timeout, but i thought there was a built-in option to do that.

We don’t recommend using workflow timeouts for any business logic. This is a purely a cleanup mechanism to avoid resource leakage.