Support for Vitess / Amazon Keyspaces


We are building a new workflow system on top of temporal and anticipate having millions of running executions (mostly waiting for signal), with thousands of actively running workflow executions.

We aren’t sure if a single shard MySQL db can cope with this scale, and wanted to know if you support Vitess? We have a team managing Vitess in our company and that would be ideal for us. If Vitess isn’t supported, do you supporting AWS managed Cassandra offering (AWS Keyspaces)?


This sounds like a pretty low scale which a single RDS/Aurora instance would handle without a problem.

Sure. In case we find the load is higher than our initial calculation and we find Aurora is a bottleneck, we want to have fallback plans.

Is Vitess something which we can try today? Also, do you plan on supporting AWS Keyspaces?

The last time we looked AWS Keyspaces didn’t support all the features of Cassandra needed for Temporal to run.

I believe Temporal DB schema is Vitess friendly. But we don’t have automated tests to validate Temporal releases against it.

Thanks for the details! Are there plans for Temporal to officially support Vitess in the future?

We don’t have immediate plans, but we invested in making the DB schema Vitess friendly, so long term the support will be there.