Temporal CLI start-dev --config flag not supported


According to Temporal CLI server command reference | Temporal Documentation, --config flag can be used to specify development yaml; however, when I ran temporal server start-dev --config $CONFIG_FILE it returned with “flag provided but not defined: -config” error. Is the documentation outdated? What’s the correct way to specify the location of development yaml config file?

temporal version 0.10.0 (server 1.21.0) (ui 2.16.2).

Nice catch, yes this option was removed as needed to be refactored which is still in the works. We will work with docs team to update mentioned page.

Would need to use --dynamic-config-value currently, for example:

temporal server start-dev --dynamic-config-value frontend.workerVersioningDataAPIs=true --dynamic-config-value frontend.workerVersioningWorkflowAPIs=true --dynamic-config-value worker.buildIdScavengerEnabled=true

Thank you @tihomir.