Temporal Client throw error on google cloud function


I want to start a temporal workflow whenever a file is uploaded to google cloud storage, I’ve the trigger in place which whenever a file is uploaded a google cloud function is being invoked, and inside it my temporal client code as following

const connection = await Connection.connect({
      address: "MY_ADDRESS",
const client = new Client({
      namespace: "default", // change if you have a different namespace

    const result = await client.workflow.start(onxWorkflow, {
      namespace: "default",
      taskQueue: "MY_TASK_QUEUE",
      args: [      ],

but whenever the function get called I get this error

ServiceError: Failed to start Workflow at WorkflowClient.rethrowGrpcError (/workspace/node_modules/@temporalio/client/lib/workflow-client.js:245:19) at WorkflowClient._startWorkflowHandler (/workspace/node_modules/@temporalio/client/lib/workflow-client.js:391:18) at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5) at async WorkflowClient.start (/workspace/node_modules/@temporalio/client/lib/workflow-client.js:102:23) at async exports.notifyBEOfTar (/workspace/index.js:49:20)

also please know that, I’ve another google cloud trigger to run a workflow signal to the workflow and its working good, so it seems the problem is from starting the workflow from within google cloud function


Can you please log the entire ServiceError object so we can inspect the error code and get a better understanding of what’s going on?