Temporal compared with camunda

We are evaluating solutions for implementing three in house use cases, bpmn, deployment, orchestration on low latency. We can build code, and not worried about whether the solution has a fancy ui. Now trying to compare between temporal and camunda, however the comparison on doc page is too general. We are trying to write samples for each, but would also like to ask if anyone has more insights?

Similar thread: Tradeoffs compared to Zeebe?

This doesn’t cover Camunda’s Workflow Engine, but it covers Zeebe which is slightly similar (at the very least, in terms of being BPMN driven).

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Many Thanks mrsaints.

@Yang_Yu was the Zeebe resource enough or do you still need more help here?

Thanks again mrsaints for being such a helpful member of the community.

@ryland Thanks, mrsaints’ reply was good to answer the question.