Temporal Display timer

How to display a Timer in the UI even if the condition is met even before starting the timer.

Can you give more info on this question? Thanks.

we have an condition which will trigger the timer, The condition satisfies only when a valid signal is received.
But we have received the signal even before the timer is triggered, Due to this temporal is not able to display the timer in the UI.

This first image is the actuval behaviour,
we’ll start the 1st timer, Wait for the callBack, after receiving it start 2nd timer wait for the callBack.

But We have received the 2nd callBack First, and the 1st CallBack Second,
Due to this, By the timer code triggers the Timer for 2nd callBack, we have already received it and condition for timer got Satisfied., Due to this UI is not displaying the 2nd CallBack, But I need the UI to display this timer as well.

Image for 2nd Scenario

I don’t think this is a UI issue. You must improve your workflow logic to be robust to the out-of-order callback signals.