Temporal External IP calling


Actually am facing the issue while calling the temporal workflow via go.lang worker main.go, since am calling the temporal using the ExternalIP:port,

can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

The value of the HostPort option is passed directly to gRPC. In your case you might need a different format, reference here for a list of possible formats.


Actually we have deployed the Temporal using the Helm chart where i have created the “server/config.yaml” for SSO authentication and where i have also passed the client_id and clinet_secret which i have created in the API credential in GCP.

but still the SSO is not working for us its directly taking us to the dns which we configured.


can any one help us to resolve this issue

@santhoshrajs let’s use a single thread → Temporal SSO ACCESS - #9 by santhoshrajs so answers are not duplicated. thanks!