Temporal for cloud vm connectivity test


I have a requirement of running ping command to check my cloud vms(gcp, azure, aws) running, if running do some activities like run commands uptime, lscpu, start/stop service, is there any such use case possible with temporal workflows? We wanted to run all the commands in parallel to all VMs at time.

We know few config management tools like ansible does that, but ansible is not scaling to high number of vms. We want some reliable system can do these activities for us, we have more than 100k VMs running across clouds.

Please advise

Temporal has no problem scaling to a much higher number than 100k workflow instances. The scale of the application is defined mostly by how many actions per second you need to run. In your case how many activities per second do you plan to run across all the workflows?

What is best way to handle? How many workflows can used to perform these activities fast?

100k VMs check ping if pass then test collectd service running or not if not running start collectd service

Please advise right approach to handle this, I am not sure about activities second

Temporal can scale to practically any rate. You have to know your activity execution rate to scale the cluster correctly. Or if you plan to use the Temporal Cloud you need the rate to estimate the cost.