Temporal mysql db usage

i am trying to connect to external aws mysql rds:

- DB=mysql
- DB_PORT=3327
- MYSQL_USER=temporal
- DYNAMIC_CONFIG_FILE_PATH=config/dynamicconfig/development.yaml

Here , the db “temporal” is already created and user “temporal” has access on the db “temporal”

on docker-compose up, i get the error:

temporal | + temporal-sql-tool --ep -u temporal create --db temporal
temporal | 2022-06-24T05:25:30.400Z ERROR Unable to create SQL database. {“error”: “dial tcp connect: connection refused”, “logging-call-at”: “handler.go:98”}

How do i skip the db creation process?

only 2 tables are getting created on running the command:

docker run --entrypoint “/usr/local/bin/temporal-sql-tool” temporalio/admin-tools:1.15.0 -ep -p 3327 -u temporal --pw pwd --db temporal setup-schema -v 1.7

the tables getting created are:


but, i suppose more tables are required for te setup to run, on docker-compose up i get the error:

: Table ‘temporal.cluster_metadata_info’ doesn’t exist

You can see the sql tool commands auto-setup image runs here.
If you are skipping db creation, see the two create commands the script skips that should be run before starting cluster

hope this helps.