Temporal pods stuck in init state when installed using helm and cassandra as database

Hi , I am trying to install temporal following the guide mentioned on readme.md of github repo . I have a 2 node k8s cluster and trying to install temporal using following command
helm install --set server.replicaCount=1 --set cassandra.config.cluster_size=1 --set prometheus.enabled=false --set grafana.enabled=false --set elasticsearch.enabled=false temporaltest . --timeout 15m --debug
When the installation command is executed , i find temporal pods to be stuck in Init phase as follows
Can anybody help me figure out what’s the root cause?

Are you using the latest helm charts from the master branch? Could be memory related, would be nice to see the pod logs if possible.
One thing you could try is to increase your your cpu and memory resources in values.yml and try to run again.

Yes I am using the latest one from repo . seems like the schema updation job was unable to complete and failed to create those schemas , thats why the other pods are stuck in init phase . Any scenarios that can cause schema updation job to fail?