Temporal Serverless

Introducing Temporal Serverless – A Game-Changing Ecosystem Improvement!

Temporal doesn’t care about how you run your workers, be it EC2, Kubernetes, or any other choice.
This means taking care of infrastructure is left to you. But in most cases, you wouldn’t like to manage infrastructure when it isn’t necessary.

In that case, I offer Temporal Serverless. Focus on writing Workflows and Activities and I will take care of scaling your deployment. This means:

  1. Cost Savings - While your Workflows are idle, you are not billed.
  2. Scaling - Your Workflows scale dynamically based on your usage.

If this is something that you would like to try out, send me an email to - dan.zilberdan99@gmail.com.
I would also like to hear your ideas for potential use cases.


Hey @danzilberdan,

Your email seems to be not active, is there another way to reach you?

Oops had a typo
It’s dan.zilberman99@gmail.com