Temporal transparency report #8

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are having a great Friday and are staying safe with everything happening in the world. While things may not be stabilizing in the outside world, I’m happy to say that at least Temporal is becoming more stable every day. Here’s our latest transparency update:


  • We are now code complete for stabilization effort
  • All tests defined for V1 are now running in the pipeline
  • Some parts of the system already stabilized
  • Less and less bugs are being found and many identified bugs have been solved
  • The following features will be considered experimental for the V1 release
    • Archival
    • Cross data center replication
    • Batch operations (signal, terminate, cancel)
    • Dynamic config
    • Addition, removal and creation of searchable attributes with ElasticSearch
  • Confident in our original internal timeline for stabilization