Temporal UI JWT token Session timeout

Currently I am using Temporal-UI version 1.11.0. I am using the authentication & authorization (claim mapper). Do we have session timeout configuration after the user logged-in and Idle for quite long time on browser?

There is no currently such configuration option, though a good idea to add one!

I’m going to add this option in UI v2. The MVP version of it should be available in the nearest weeks. Is trying out UI v2 would be an option for you to get unblocked on this?

HI @Ruslan,

We have enabled the JWT Token authentication & Authorization. If we have the session timeout feature in temporal-web that could help a lot.

We are working on UI beta version to setup locally and facing lot of issues on npm dependencies which are not Licensed versions.

@Ruslan is session timeout on browser (sso user) implemented on UI v2?

yea session expiration is hardcoded to 7 days ui-server/auth.go at 97d5f6af887c54c9032e6a146084a6781e74e443 · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub