Temporal version 1.10.1: Unable to start server. Error: sql schema version compatibility check failed

Hi all,
I’m having an issue to startup the docker-compose environment with temporal 1.10.1.

I tried by using the version 1.9.2 and all works fine

by using docker-compose with version 1.10.1 I encountered the following error:
“Unable to start server. Error: sql schema version compatibility check failed: unable to read DB schema version keyspace/database: temporal error: pq: relation “schema_version” does not exist”

The only difference in both docker-compose files is that I’m using the postgres version 12 (in a previous post I read that there should be no problem by using a more recent version of postgres).

Is something change in code of 1.10.1 about the db check? Could you please help me to address the issue?

Great thanks for your support

we are working on the fix: Unable to start local server using latest postgres docker-compose file · Issue #1613 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub

sorry for the inconvenience

Great thanks for your quick reply

Fix is already merged but not released yet. If you are blocked, I would suggest you to set POSTGRES_DB for postgresql container to any random value. It will create database with this name but it won’t be used.

I’m not blocked so I can wait for the official release.
Great Thanks for support

1.10.3 and 1.10.4 include the fix.