Temporal-web to show only particular namespace workflows based on user authentication


I would like to show the namespace workflows based on user role in temporal-web, how can be achieved & is there any pseudo code?

Roles & namespaces

  • role1 : role1-ns1
  • role2 : role2-ns2

How do you authenticate users? If you use JWT tokens, then you can see to which namespace they should and should not access. This section of the docs shows how to authorize users on the server.
Or perhaps you already looked at this and have a different problem?

yes we are using JWT Token. I can see the use roles in map {Role}object.

Namespace: role1-ns1

map[ClientIPAddress: S EmployeeCorporateID:N585911 JPMCIdentifier:N585911 Role:[dashboard-88288-109820-UAT search_engine-88288-109820-UAT] appid:PC-109820-SID-128580-UAT apptype:Public aud:JPMC:URI:RS-109820-88288-ASYNCWORKFLOW-UAT auth_time:2021-10-20T09:07:03.482Z authmethod:urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:PasswordProtectedTransport exp:1.634724363e+09 iat:1.634720763e+09 iss:http://idauat.jpmorganchase.com/adfs/services/trust nbf:1.634720763e+09 scp:openid ver:1.0]

I am new to go language, do u have any pseudo code i can validate against role & namespace as mentioned above?

Have you found defaultAuthorizer and defaultJWTClaimMapper already?

From the java standalone client connect to temporal server how to set or pass the jwt token?
To start the workflow request? Any pseudo code?