Temporal_workflow_completed metrics seems not exist anymore (upgrade to 1.17.0

I have just upgrade temporal-server from v1.15.2 to v1.17.0, seems temporal_workflow_completed metric disappeared, which metric is suggested to use for this kind of purpose?

seems temporal_workflow_completed metric disappeared

this is SDK metric:
Java SDK

This metric is emitted by server (worker service) for internal workflows (in temporal-system namespace) and uses Go SDK metrics for that.
Checked with and was able to see it, could you double check?
Which Temporal SDK and version are you using?

for temporal-system namespace I can see this metric, but not inside the other namespaces which used by our biz purpose, how can I have this metric inside other namespace ?

SDK we have Python/GO/Java in use, which is the latest sdk version.

how can I have this metric inside other namespace

You would have to enable SDK metrics,
Go sample
Java sample