Terminating a completed run gRPC error code is NOT_FOUND, why not ABORTED or FAILED_PRECONDITION?


At the moment understanding the NOT_FOUND error raised when requesting a termination requires checking the workflow status before hand since it could also mean that the workflow is already completed.

  • Is there a better way I am not aware of?
  • Could we use a different error code instead like ABORTED or FAILED_PRECONDITION?

Reference: googleapis/code.proto at master · googleapis/googleapis · GitHub

Thank you for the help!

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Unfortunately, there is no better way to differentiate “workflow doesn’t exist” and “workflow has been already terminated” with TerminateWorkflow API call. I agree that FAILED_PRECONDITION would be a more accurate error code in case of already terminated workflow. But the problem is wide and there are many places which error codes need improvements.

I created a github issue to track it.

Hi Alex!

Thanks a lot for your reply and for creating the GitHub issue. I understand that this touches a broader topic of having better error codes in other places as well.

If you need I can start tracking those places if you have a place to report them? So that we can link it to the GitHub issue and when the day comes they can be tackled more easily?

I think just adding references to the code as issue comments should be good enough. We have proposals repo but I think this is more like “non-critical bug fix”.

I really appreciate if you do this and collect at least those which you are aware of. It will help us not to overlook them.