Terminating parent workflow not terminating child in different namespace

When a parent workflow is terminated a child worklfow is also terminated provided parent and child workflows are in same namespace.

However child is not terminated when child is started in a different namespace other than parent.

Tried setting PARENT_CLOSE_POLICY_TERMINATE but still did not work. But I don’t think it doesn’t matter since that is the default close polcy.

Is this by design or a bug ?

Was able to reproduce this with Java SDK. Can start a child workflow in a different namespace, and ParentClosePolicy does not take effect, but it does if parent and child are in the same namespace. Checking with server team now to see if we need to raise an issue.

Opened ParentClosePolicy not working cross-namespace · Issue #2043 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub to track this.
Feel free to add any additional info you have found there.

Thank you. Added my findings in the issue which could be the bug.

Hi, Just wanted to check if this issue can be picked up any time sooner ?

Server team is looking into the issue. Will report back as soon as there is an ETA for fix.

@sp13 just checked with server team again and they informed us they are actively working on reproducing and fixing the issue, so stay tuned. Will update the github issue when more info is available.