Testing temporal workflows

I am using io.temporal.testing for unit testing temporal workflows.
When debugging the temporal unit tests, I always run into this exception.
IllegalStateException(“Operation allowed only while eventLoop is running”)
However without the debugger, I don’t see this exception at all.

This is the stacktrace of the exception.

I have already tried using env variable TEMPORAL_DEBUG=true as suggested in this doc but still running into this exception.

I suspect if the thread is blocked because of which this exception is thrown ?

Are you breaking all the threads or only one on a breakpoing? I think all the threads have to be blocked.

Just one brakepoint just when the temporal workflow is started. How can I get past through this issue and why doesn’t TEMPORAL_DEBUG env work as expected ?

I was able to reproduce the problem. Let us investigate.

Thanks for fixing this @Spikhalskiy Is there an approximate ETA when the fix would be released ?