The seeds of successful keynote?

Hi everyone!

At the moment I’m trying to craft a keynote about Temporal to push it in my organisation and I have a few questions and maybe someone already have a link or something with answers.

Can you share with me some links to answer for next questions?

  • What major benefits for developers and engineers Temporal gives?
  • What are those most common problems that developers resolve using Temporal? (Usecases?)
  • What major benefits for business Temporal gives?

For now the overview of keynote plan looks as follows:

  • A few entry words about Temporal and about that it is a new class of software (what is Temporal)
  • A brief example of problems developers and engineers faces during development in distributed environment (that example about a money transfer)
  • An overview how Temporal server works and consists of (services, multi cluster replication, invincibility of Temporal)
  • An overview how it looks like from the developers point of view (workers, SDKs)
  • How Temporal provides fault tolerance in most common way to summarize (history replaying, retries)
  • An overview interesting features (select, signals, queries, timers, restart as new, testing, heartbeats and so on)

And then (as it seems to me) it must follows three slides which are the answers for those questions I’m asking.

Hi Krocos,

Thank you for your note and your request. I have been wanting to have something for this sort of request now for a few months and you get to be the lucky first recipient!

Please have a look at this presentation: Intro to Temporal October 2022 - Google Slides

I use this presentation to introduce the idea of Temporal to new teams & organizations. I want it to be a resource to colleagues like yourself. I.e. please steal these slides! I want this to become a resource for the developer community to make it easier to share the idea of Temporal.

I have speaker notes for most but not all of the slides. Also if you’d like to hear how I presented it (with limited practice so please forgive the choppy delivery!) here’s a video: Glovo Tech Talks - Fault tolerant distributed microservices with Temporal - YouTube

Lastly, please give me your feedback on its usefulness! I’d like to keep improving this and more frequently recommend its use.




I created this topic because I thought that I will need to keynote temporal for out department chiefs but I did not have to now. My previous keynote that I made for a developer team make its effect to my chiefs. There are no answers for my questions by words, but a demo answers for they.

Thanks for Charles Zedlewski for that he shared his keynote. This is the very well made thing.

So here is my demo application (coffee-shop): GitHub - krocos/coffee-shop: Just example of Temporal usage

And the workflow is here: coffee-shop/order_workflow.go at main · krocos/coffee-shop · GitHub

Here it is my keynote in a raw view (it’s on russian lang and a speaker notes also too). I know that it is not that very kind to share things in a lang other than English, but it’s very much work for me to translate it. Sorry for that. So here is a keynote: behind request response.key

Also Maxim Fateev ask me to create this topic to answer it himself, so I post the original message here too:

And I am here now: my chief allow to rewrite old batch processing service with Temporal and give me a rgeen light to update our another existing application that have longliving complicated workflows (helpdesk application for a technical suport team that have tasks which have compicated lifecicle and interacts with many surraunding things).

Thanks for everyone who ask me about this topic and who share his own things.

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