The Set of Long-Term Support Versions

Where on the web site are the Long-term support versions listed? I looked around here and in github (GitHub - temporalio/temporal: Temporal service) and could not find them. I also could not find a release description (list of features added and bugs fixed) anywhere–including the five release branches listed in github.

Please direct me to this information.

Can you give more info on what you are looking for, cloud or community support? For OSS we provide support (community support, so SLA) here for all OSS versions, just note if you are you are using older versions for example 6month or more it’s good thing to consider upgrading to benefit from all fixes and new features added.

I also could not find a release description

Temporal server repo has a releases section, where each release has a description on what was added. So do each of the SDK repos. Let me know if you are looking for something else?