Things to keep in mind when increasing ScheduleToClose, Retry Interval of activities

Currently the archival activity

  • Retries for every 1s with backoff coeffecient of 2
  • And ScheduleToClose is set to 5mins.
  • Post all the retries, if the archival fails, it proceeds to delete the execution history even without archival.

To prevent data loss, we are planning to increase this to

ScheduleToClose - 7 days
Interval - 1 hour
backoff coeffecient - 1

What will be the impact of this change in terms of resource consumption?

I think with these settings you are going from max ~8 retries / 5 min to possible 168 retries / 7 days.
Think this will depend on the amount of workflows you are trying to archive so not sure how your performance will be impacted. Best imo to use server metrics as it will give you concrete values rather than trying to guess.