Tracking activity failure (permanent)

Hi i have a use case where i do a set of activity and when one of the critical activity or child workflow fails (permanently after retries) i got to dispatch an email.

I am thinking of using an interceptor to perform this action, how ever what i am not sure is how to identify if the activity has permanently failed or will be retried again by workflow…

When a workflow calls an activity it receives activity failure only after the activity exceeded all the configured retry intervals. So if a workflow want take any action like running another activity that sends an email then it should do it upon critical activity failure.

I don’t understand why you want to use an interceptor for this instead of just making part of your workflow code.

If i get it correct, your suggestion is to catch ActivityFailureException , send email and rethrow it , correct?

Yes, sending an email in the catch block is correct.

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