Typescript - Failed to activate workflow

running typescript hello world – I am getting this error any idea why

Failed to activate workflow {
namespace: ‘default’,
taskQueue: ‘hello-world’,
workflowId: ‘workflow-w9wdZyBdqQszjG45Vd3dE’,
runId: ‘5e4ed55a-87e5-4518-9757-d75e8cc0c3cb’,
workflowType: ‘example’,
error: workflow-isolate:3404
throw new internal_workflow_common_1.IllegalStateError(‘Workflow uninitialized’);

IllegalStateError: Workflow uninitialized

Are you referring to the hello-world sample in ts samples? Seems to work ok.

Did you register your workflow with the worker? See for example here.

yeah did all that! seems like it is giving issues with yarn. I removed node_modules and used npm and it seems to work now… thanks