Unable to terminate the Workflows

Hi team,
While trying to terminate the workflows, I am getting [ cannot terminate workflow ] popup message, while checking the inspect element, I can see 403 Forbidden and

  "code": 12,
  "message": "Not Implemented",
  "details": [

Please help me with these issue,

Thanks in advance
Goutham Murugan

Hello @Murugan_Goutham

Can you share the version of the Temporal Server and UI?

In the meantime, you can use tctl to terminate your workflows

Hi @antonio.perez

For UI latest version temporalio/ui:latest and temporalio/server:1.17.5

Goutham Murugan

I am not able to reproduce it @Murugan_Goutham, tested here GitHub - tsurdilo/my-temporal-dockercompose: my custom docker compose for temporal changing image versions.

Have you ever been able to terminate workflows with your current deployment?

Does it to every workflow you try to terminate?

Can you share a reproducible environment?