Unusual Temporal UI behavior

Hi Temporal Team,

I am facing an issue, a workflows shows different states while viewing from main menu and while opening the workflow itself.

I am attaching screenshots of the behaviour, in the image you will find a workflow with id passive-default-3, when we view in main menu it shows running but after opening, it shows completed.

So is this a UI issue or something else please clarify.

Attaching the pics as well


Hi @Manish_Baraskar

how long does it take for the main UI page to show the workflow as completed?

The UI hits visibility store to retrieve the list and status of each workflow execution. The data on this store is eventually consistent, I guess that a small delay is expected.


Just to add, check server metrics for visibility latencies:

histogram_quantile(0.95, sum(rate(task_latency_bucket{operation=~"VisibilityTask.*", service_name="history"}[1m])) by (operation, le))

as mentioned, typically ~2 seconds is expected

Hi @antonio.perez @tihomir

Problem Faced : We had faced issue with elastic search, visibility index got corrupted or deleted sometimes after container recreation in some scenario.

What we want to achieve : We want Mysql as visibility not the elastic search.

MySQL : v8.0
Elastic-Search : v7.16.2

Please refer the link on which I have already posted the query:

  1. We were doing a POC for setting Mysql as visibility, we are doing this because we faced issue while using elastic search as store because whenever container for elastic gets recreated after that we are not able to filter/query workflow based on custom search attribute. Search Attributes exits but query returns no results.

  2. We have configured DB=mysql8 and ES_ENABLE=false (disable ES)

  3. Issue is not related to delay in reflecting a workflow status.

  4. If I look the workflow ID its status is shown as running.

  5. When I go to details history for the same workflow ID all the executions are done and showing status as completed. But main page always shows as running state.

  6. Refer the attached screenshot.

Hi team,

Any updates please…

Hi @maxim @tihomir

Could you please help with the problem we are facing.


Hi @tihomir @antonio.perez

Could you please let us how do we connect further do I need to create new thread/ticket for this discussion becasue I have not got any updates on above asked queries.