Update Workflow - Accepted Request is not set

Hi all,

Attempting to get Update working as a replacement for Signals in our existing build, but have constantly run into walls. At the moment I’m just trying to get the default example from the go guide to work in our codebase.

From my logs I can see that the validator function is firing, then the update function, but I get this error instead of it completing successfully:

"Error":"BadUpdateWorkflowExecutionMessage: accepted_request is not set on update.Acceptance message body."
"body":"Task processing failed with error"

and in the requesting service

update cleared, please retry

I am struggling to find anything to clarify what I’m missing or what step to take next, any suggestions?

For anyone who comes after, turned out to be an issue with an older docker image for the temporal server clashing with the new sdk version.

If you are running <= v1.20.4 with an updated sdk then this is likely your culprit.