Upgrading Temporal Server Process


We are currently running version 1.11.4 of temporal server. Looking to upgrade to the latest 1.13.1. The documentation states

We ensure that any consecutive versions are compatible in terms of database schema upgrades, features, and system behavior, however there is no guarantee that there is compatibility between any 2 non-consecutive versions.

Does “any versions” here mean minor versions or do we need to upgrade through the patch versions as well such as 1.11.4 → 1.12.0 > 1.12.x → 1.13.1. or we can we skip those and just use the latest minor version patches 1.11.4 → 1.12.4 → 1.13.1

Check out this post, that has some info on that.
Temporal guarantees 1.n.x → 1.n+1.x forward / backward compatibility.

Thanks for the link. One minor version at a time to ensure compatibility. :+1:

Trying to upgrade from v1.12.4 to latest, so according to this formula, I would need to go to v1.13.4, but that version does not exist. Can you please advise?

Good point, as the releases sometimes jump depending on possible issues that are found and fixed.
If you look at the server releases on github you can follow these releases in order (and you can skip patch versions).
So it’s safe to move from 1.13.3 to 1.14.3.

Hope this helps.

It does, thanks!