Upgrading to temporal 1.11.3

Hi i am just trying my hand out with v 1.11.3
i was on 1.10.3 .

I was able to use the sql tool to upgrade temporal schema , but when i try to upgrade the visiblity schema i get the below error

/etc/temporal # temporal-sql-tool update -schema-dir schema/mysql/v57/visibility/
2021/08/09 06:44:38 UpdateSchemeTask started, config=&{DBName: TargetVersion: SchemaDir:schema/mysql/v57/visibility/ IsDryRun:false}
2021/08/09 06:44:38 error listing schema dir:no subdirs found with version >= 1.6

Any idea what i am missing? Please note i use mysql visisblity (not ES visiblity)

does this mean, there is no need to upgrade visiblity?

I am able to bring up temporal after temporal db upgrade alone.

But, i dont see the checksum in the logs too.

Please follow the release notes that contain instructions on upgrading visibility:

There were no changes to standard visibility in 1.11.x release.

You get this error because you forgot to specify visibility database name: --db temporal_visibility and tool tries to apply visibility schema changes to default database, which is temporal. Remember, main and visibility databases are different. Please refer to our install-schema-mysql Makefile target for examples.

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