Web UI doesn't display pollers for some TaskQueues

Hello -

I’m running web v1.12.0. We have pollers for different task queues and can see them and their last access times for only some task queues. However, the pages for some other task queues simply display the text “Pollers” with no table underneath. We can see that pollers for those task queues do in fact exist using the CLI.

do you see any errors in browser’s console when you open the pollers page?
Does the pollers API call succeed but with an empty result, or there is an error?

thanks for the suggestion. i do see an error - specifically a 404 not found when hitting:

/api/namespaces/<namespace>/task-queues/<task queue>

this leads me to ask - could this issue be related to the following issue? NOT_FOUND: Namespace id "xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" not found - #4 by Yimin_Chen

Seems so

let’s continue in NOT_FOUND: Namespace id … by Yimin_Chen