Web UI with built-in user input components


I’m new to Temporal.io so apologies if this has been asked before. One of the things I wish the web UI had was some built-in components that takes user input like textfields and selectors (e.g. radio buttons/checkboxes). This would make it easy to build simple workflows that allows for asynchronous activity completion directly from the web UI instead of having to build a separate UI layer. Something similar to Buildkite input steps Input Step | Buildkite Documentation
Are there any plans for such functionality in the next generation Temporal UI?

BTW I think what you guys have built is really awesome!

to verify, you would like to Signal workflows from the UI and ideally using an input data type specific UI?

Could you open an enhancement ticket here Issues · temporalio/ui · GitHub

created a ticket for tracking [Feature Request] Support signaling workflows · Issue #182 · temporalio/ui · GitHub

Thanks Ruslan! Yes either to signal workflows or to complete an activity asynchronously with a supplied result value that is input using the web UI.
My use case is to build a workflow that waits for an async completion either from an external system or with user input data at certain points within a workflow. I can build an API and UI layer on top of the workflow, but it would be much quicker if the web UI supports them out of the box in some capacity.

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