What happens to childWorkflows when parent use ContinueAsNew


I would like to know what happens to the childs of a workflow when the parent invoke continueAsNew in the Typescript SDK. do they stop or they are transferred to the new execution of the workflow automatically ?

Thank in advance.

The behavior is the same as parent completing. So it depends on the child’s parentClosePolicy. For example, if it is set to ABANDON then child keeps executing, if it is set to TERMINATE it is terminated.

We have plans to transfer children to the next parent run, but there is no ETA for this feature.

Thanks for the answer. so if I want to have an infinite workflow that keep track of other workflow I must keep track of the Id of the “child” workflows so when continueAsNew is called I can transfer them to the new execution.

on an side note I also noticed that the handle returned by getExternalWorkflowHandle dont have the option to do a query is there a way for a workflow to ask another workflow for information?

Thanks for the responce