What is DACX (documentation-as-code)?

I see a lot of code comments with “dacx” and some processing (here: documentation/assembly/activities/createNodesFromSamples.js at main · temporalio/documentation · GitHub). The best I can infer, this is a Temporal-specific docs-as-code marker that is used to generate docs. (Kinda like Sphinx.)

I would like to know more, but Google is turning up nothing related documenation for “DACX”. Do you have any information on this tool and how you’re using Temporal itself to generate documentation from your source code?

@Patrick_Rachford made it, docs here! GitHub - temporalio/documentation: Temporal documentation

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Hey @guitarmanvt, yes DACX was an experimental “docs-as-code” implementation.
The idea was to be able to invert a code file into a Markdown processable file for static site generators.
Here is an example source file: documentation/sample-apps/go/yourapp/your_activity_definition_dacx.go at main · temporalio/documentation · GitHub

The whole dacx system is a sort of iteration on the Snipsync philosophy.

However, in practice dacx is quite a bit of a learning curve and it doesn’t mesh well with non dacx files.

We have decided to deprecate the dacx system and just use Snipsync moving forward, which seems to provide the best experience across all needs.

We may produce a blog post about the experiment, and if we do, we will be sure to share it with you.